Redmax is a leading supply chain management company. Our expertise lies in designing and implementing solutions that help our customers to reduce their costs, improve efficiency, and manage risk.




What We Do

We are the world's leading logistics company. We help companies of all sizes to source and deliver their products faster, better & more reliably by using industry-leading technology that optimize supply chain networks for manufacturers/distributors or retailers.. Our unified working environment allows us create the right route at the best prices depending on what you need! No matter how challenging the task, Redmax is always able to get it done in a way that leaves customers more than satisfied


Our Mission

To deliver a positive and reliable experience to every customer

Our Promise

To exceed our customers’ expectations by always bringing quality service


Our Vibe

We dream it, and then do it—together—reinventing what’s possible

Why Choose Us?


Bid On Loads

There's a ton of shipments ready to be picked up and all the cargo is catered specifically for your vehicle. No matter if you have one sprinter or a whole fleet!

Reliable Service

Redmax Logistics works to deliver loads of any size, coordinating all the necessary elements of your urgent shipment. When there is a set time-frame, there is no time to waste. Call us and we will give you the best price

Document sync

Forget about having to look for a place to print docs. Fill out, sign and send all on your phone

Thousand of shipments

Our app offers thousands of shipments, enough for fleets of any size!

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Clients back to us
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