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Working for a company that prioritizes honesty, loyalty and reliability will you? Join our Redmax family! At the forefront of industry standards in quality assurance we seek out individuals who share these values. We believe it's through dedication to these principles can build an enjoyable work environment where everyone feels like they belong; having simple things such as trust between co-workers lead towards better customer service while meeting deadlines on time each day

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Customer Support

We're here for you, anytime and anywhere! With us it's always a quick response. We'll do our best to solve any problems that might arise with ease as soon as possible


Our Technology

We use cutting edge technology to make your work easier. For newbies, get guided step-by-step using our mobile app! No more having to send PODS through the mail, scan and send with a single click. Ask us about our app!


Consistent Freight

123214 loads daily, ensure never having to look for freight for longer than you want. We provide freight on a consistent basis, so you can create an effective network plan and efficiently utilize your fleet


Quick Setup

We take the guesswork out of getting your trucks rolling by providing an easy-to use carrier set up system that allows you to get ready to roll in just 15 minutes!

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